Most of the cannabis growers around the world name and classify the weed they grow according to its structure or shape. It is due to this phenomenon that you hear people talking about hybrids, sativas, and other similar cannabis. The categorization of cannabis, however, is not limited just to its structure and shape there are other categories defined by scents, tastes, regions, and flavors.

In recent times Kush, Purple, and Haze are the three most popular kinds of marijuana available in the market. So, what exactly is Kush Marijuana? In this article we will look into Kush and where exactly does it come from?

popular kinds of marijuana

A Brief History:

Kush strains are amongst the most popular strains in the world. These strains have created quite a buzz by winning multiple awards such as the prestigious High time’s cannabis cup. If you are amongst the people who are experienced in cannabis then it is quite certain that that you would have had tested or tried the kush strain.

The Kush strain as the name suggests comes from the Hindu-Kush mountains on the borders of Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan. To be precise, the Hindu kush mountains are north of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The fertile soil, deep valleys, and stupendous hillsides are an ideal location for Kush strain to grow.

The Kush strain is a landrace strain which means that the strain is not cross-breed with any other strain and is grown in the natural environment. Every kush strain that you might be able to think of will have its linkages to the Hindu Kush Mountains.

The Effects of Kush:

Kush cannabis is indica. This implies that you can have a sedative experience. Different strains such as the OG Kush will have a different feeling. OG Kush is known to give you a euphoric feeling and you are likely to feel happy. This though doesn’t mean that you will be jumping around, this euphoric feeling will keep you seated on your couch till the effects last.

People also suggest that Kush has medicinal values as it alleviates the symptoms of depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Though it is recommended to only consume Kush for these conditions after taking proper medical advice. Also, it is recommended to consume kush after the day is over because kush tends to relax the whole body and results in a couchlock.

Different Flavours of Kush:

Kush is legendary in itself and to make the legend stand out of the crowd there are some flavors in which kush is available. These flavors are Floral, citrus, Grape, Diesel, and Earthy. These flavors are mostly available when you go to buy Kush.

Kush strain

Kush strains occupy a very special place in the hearts of the cannabis folks. These strains are yet not all discovered, but what all is available has made sure that people keep looking for the other strains as well. These strains from the Hindu Kush Mountain ranges have won the hearts of people and hope that more strains are found to give a greater experience.