Whenever a person thinks of growing weed outdoors, they probably think of warm and sunny places. In many cases, this is also true, but there is also a bounty of opportunities to grow weed in a cold climate. The accomplishment of the cultivation is determined by the variety of crops you want to grow.

Certain strains of cannabis are more resilient to the cold than others as the cold weather for growing cannabis is notably below 60°F. Further, in this article, we will discuss varieties of marijuana seeds that are suitable for growing in a relatively cold climate.

Growing cannabis outdoors can be very rewarding as it is well known that the yield of outdoor cultivation is higher than when growing indoors. Moreover, it is considered to be cheaper and cannabis seeds for cold weather are more firm and mould resistant

cannabis seeds for cold weather

List Of Cannabis Seeds Grow In Cold Climate

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is possibly the viable cannabis strain for a cold climate. It also requires comparatively fewer hours of sunshine and the fungal resistance of this plant is above average. In short, a perfect weed plant for the colder climates and the most assured of a good harvest in September/October because Northern Lights can yield up to 650 grams.

Blue Cheese Autoflower

The Blue Cheese Autoflower is one of the popular varieties of cannabis that is mostly preferred for a cold climate as this variety is particularly suitable because it is very easy to grow. You don’t really have to worry about it. The Blue Cheese Autoflower is a speedy grower and therefore you can harvest faster. The plant is not or hardly vulnerable to moulds and produces a good yield of up to 400 grams even in a cold climate and that is quite a lot for an Autoflower. If you like a weed with a fruity taste and a mild effect, then the Blue Cheese Autoflower seeds are your most suitable choice.

 White widow

White widow is also known for its high THC content. So if anyone wants to grow weed with a high THC content in a cold outdoor climate, then select White Widow. Although the plant-like almost all other plants accomplish better results in a sunny climate, the white widow produces good yields even in cold weather thanks to its high mould resistance and thick branches.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is typically one of the easiest marijuana strains to grow. The only problem is it grows very tall, so you may need a little additional room for it.


The Afghani strain comes from the Hindu Kush hills and any individual who’s ever been to a mountain knows they’re pretty cold. So you be familiar with the Afghani strain is born especially for the colder environments.

Organic Weed

In places where summers are substantially warm and winters are mild, it is quite possible to grow weed outside in a cold climate. Selecting the right kind of seeds is the first step and increases the possibility of successful and fruitful cultivation.