In Australia, Cannabis is legal only for medical purposes. Besides, it is not permitted to use Cannabis for recreational purposes; if you are caught with the plant, then depending on the province or state, you will be penalised for the possession or cultivation.Ethically, the country has adopted the National Drug strategy, which favours minimal sanctions and penalties for recreational cannabis use and lesser extent like trafficking.

Cannabis Seeds

The focus of the entire system is on the rehabilitation and treatment strategies to reduce the chances for the offender to recidivism. Although precarious status is given to the legal use of marijuana, both seller and buyer still need to be aware of Australia’s current cannabis law, particularly in breeding seeds.

Australian Law on Cannabis Seeds

Patients who have valid prescriptions are allowed to possess and use medical Cannabis grown in Australia.  But Cannabis must be authorised under the Therapeutic Goods Act by National Regular, who manage and track the medical program of marijuana. As you already know, Cannabis is legal for medical purposes; therefore, cannabis seed possessions are also restricted. The plant used to grow must be strictly used for medical purposes. Since recreational use of Cannabis is illegal, therefore now the question is how the law enforcement office would behave if they find the possession of cannabis seeds in the seed alone container Well, it is not entirely clear.

If sources are found to be in the state of cultivation for recreation use, then it would be considered illegal, and the growing area will be seized by law enforcement personnel.

Medical Cannabis

Precautions you need to take when possessing and buying cannabis seeds in Australia.

Even though Cannabis is illegal in Australia, the country promotes several medical dispensaries that sell seeds and the online seed banks present in and outside of the country to serve Australia for their needs. Depending on the province/state, people who purchase seeds and are caught in the act of trafficking or growing large quantities will be arrested and subject to heavy fines/jail time.

Cannabis Seeds in Australia

Precautions you need to take when selling cannabis seeds in Australia.

Conceptually, Marijuana dispensaries sell cannabis seeds to people who have a valid prescription to use marijuana and have the facility to grow plants of their own. The business owners need to connect with consumers to identify if they are buying cannabis seeds for non-medical, germination or trafficking use. Such a product is illegal, and even you could be punished for it. Business owners need to remain warm to their customers and ask those questions about the growth or germination of cannabis seeds; if they are into such business, you should refuse to sell them your products.


In Australia, only medicinal use of Cannabis is allowed, besides the law surrounding the purchase and sale of cannabis seeds are in line. So you have to face legal consequences if you are found into some illegal action. Therefore it is recommended to clear the law enforcement officer what is your intent of buying cannabis seeds, whether you are going to use it as an item for your collection or treatment of some serious illnesses.

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