PhenoPen CBD Premium Cartridge


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Looking for an easier and more effective way of using CBD? We are eager to present PhenoPen pre-filled oil vape cartridges for more convenience while using CBD. These cartridges have a more concentrated dose of CBD.

They contain the CBD extract from the hemp oil of the high grade. With this CBD cartridge, you can rest after a long working day, reach relaxation in stressful situations in a moment, or get help in curing some serious illnesses like insomnia, anxiety attacks, depression and so on.

Each Cartridge contains 100% pure CBD extract – Without additives, alcohol or animal extracts based purely from certified medicinal pure CBD Without THC, nonpsychoactive effects, additives or solvents.

1 pack contains 4 cartridges

Each Cartridge contains 0.5 ML of 100% pure CBD extract which should suffice for an average use for one week.

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