Refund and Processes

We know that you are  extremely concerned about your funds and also where you put it in and sometimes ask yourself, “How can I get my cash back if this doesn’t work? “. Stop worrying ’cause we’ve got you covered Since we are farmers and all our products are fully tested in the laboratory and trusted  by many  smokers and consumers of cannabis and cannabis products in multiple different respects. We have confidence in our services and in the bond between us and our clients. If you don’t like the product, though, if it just doesn’t work for you, return it and we’ll reimburse you the complete amount except for the  shipping charges since that goes  to the courier.

How do get my funds back ?

Simply complete the form and submit it below to request a refund. Regardless of your payment technique, our bank, Bank of america, will reimburse it directly to your bank.

If you request a refund, your reimbursement will have to be reviewed within 24-48 hours after which you will receive a text or email directly from our bank  with the specific timeline on which your refund will be deposited into your account.

N;B All refunds are deposited into the clients Bank Account , irrespective of the payment method you used in making the payment .

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