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Kush Blokes is a cannabis company base in Hollywood California , Our products comes local farms and also industrial Farms , some produced by us .

We have a team of expects looking for new and safer delivery methods on daily bases , this makes us a more reliable and safe company to get your medication in an industry swooning with so many short comings .

This are products on high demand , so place your orders now before they run out .
Kush Blokes
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We offer a variety of Medical Cannabis products for your needs
High Quality Medical Buds
Properly drying and curing your fresh cannabis stash is paramount to prevent mould contamination from taking place. Drying and curing cannabis flowers post-harvest is an essential measure to minimize the risk of mould contamination. … The drying process begins as soon as you cut down.
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Hashish or hash is  made from the resin of the cannabis plant. It is consumed by smoking a small piece, typically in a pipe, bong, vaporizer or joint, or via oral ingestion.

While  Shatter It typically looks like honey with varying degrees of transparency and color profiles. When this type of concentrate is warm, it has a consistency actually quite similar to very thick honey. When it’s cold, its consistency is more similar to glass. It shatters just like glass does if it is dropped or tapped, hence the term “shatter”.

From our Visitors

Nice again ……3rd order 1/2lb then 1lb and 1/2lb now good good good thanks team your the best GT

Dragon Bornkenosha-racine, Wisconsin

Been shopping here for quite a while… Very satisfied 100% of the time! Thanks for the Great service/Products

William Stonesmannorthwest OK, Oklahoma

The best weed I’ve ever smoked! Tried a few of the other places first, I’d rate them a 1 änd HTD a 10+.
Fast shipping, full weight or over, plus a few treats a long the way makes this my one and only place to shop.
Will continue to buy from HTD after they legalize Pot.
“Keep up the great work guy’s !
Thank you for being there.

Joesph Smithmankato, Minnesota

It’s my first time, I was a bit anxious to try that but finaly worth the try…Good concentrate, fast delivery, took 5 day to go home.
I will try them again!

Norman StarksBeljium

So happy with the SERVICE these guys provide. Not sure what High Time Dispensary role is there but he is always so helpful when I have questions…give that man a raise…..I only buy from High Time Dispensary now as Customer Service and the buds you guys sell are all top shelf. Keep up the great work…nobody does it as well as High Time Dispensary!

Lawrence Lazzarodaytona beach, Florida

I’ve been using High Time Dispensary now for about 8 months and I’m happy with the wide selection of products, my only concern is that once you find a strain you really like it’s not always available.

Eugene Lytlehuntington-ashland, West Virginia

Thanks guys for the great service! Best bud around. Great service. Fast shipping. Excellent quality. The local “guy that supplies” simply can’t compete! Cheers High Time Dispensary and everyone else involved.

Martin Harveycolumbus, Ohio

I ordered a half lb of house sativa, and reading lots of bad reviews I was nervous when opening up the package, but I was beyond impressed 5 star for sure!

Gavin Graymoses lake, Washington

Got to give a shoutout to High Time Dispensary. They really came through in a bad situation and earned my trust. Must say thats top notch customer service. Nice to see blue magoo back wish in bulk but get what you can, such a great strain!! I know i will be. THANKS AGAIN High Time Dispensary

George Tudorfargo / moorhead, North Dakota

A couple of my friends order here and they are never disappointed so I decided to test the beast! My experience is amazing, I ordered a Thursday and it was sent the same day, package received Monday in Quebec 🙂 I received weed of incredible quality, very well packaged and shipped very fast! .. I just do not realize! Yes I can choose my weed after more than 20 years!! Thanks High Time Dispensary !!!!!!

I will order again for sure!

Prosper SaviourQuebec

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