Springtime is known for its pleasant climate, beautiful surroundings, and lots of greenery. It is also a time for cannabis smokers to try some fascinating strains that can make spring enjoyable. When it comes to choosing the strain for the spring season, you need to focus on the ones offering energy and makes you feel uplifted.  Are you looking for such strains that can make you feel happy and content? Here are some of the choices you need to try this spring for maximum enjoyment:

  1. Strawberry Cough

It is the potent strain that you can smoke on a spring day to enjoy the strawberry flavor. While it has an expanding sensation, you can feel a slight acrid bite. It makes you feel energized, bright, and clear-headed. You feel relief from stress and depression.

  1. Purple Trainwreck

The hybrid marijuana strain has floral notes along with a sweet berry flavor. It is a strong strain providing cerebral effects along with relaxation. It offers a mellow buzz while balancing the high. So, you can get focus and stimulation, unlike the other strains that may leave you scatterbrained. The strain offers a euphoric feeling and eases stress.

  1. Gelato

If you like ice cream but are worried about the calories, put down the spoon and take a puff of Gelato strain. You will start enjoying the new treat with the flavor of your favorite dessert without worrying about the calories. The strongest cannabis strain is perfect for springtime cleaning as you will get a brain freeze. But, you become motivated to complete the chores in the household. It will help you get through the spring cleaning with gusto.

Contain THC Strains for maximum enjoyment

  1. Northern Lights

Want a famous strain with fast effects? Then, Northern Lights can offer it to you. This strain produces a euphoric effect and settles throughout the body fast. It eases your mind and relaxes your muscles. Due to THC reaching up to 21%, the strain is one of the most potent one available.

  1. Sour Diesel

If you are looking for a high THC strain to make your spring enjoyable, choose Sour Diesel. The fast-acting and energizing strain with a smell like diesel offers cerebral effects. You can float in a dream-like state while getting relief from stress, pain, or mental issue such as depression.

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